Pregnant Pup Gets Beautiful Maternity Photos 9 Days Before She is Due

By: Nathan Grant

Image Credit: Rients Photography

Everyone loves seeing photos from a maternity photo shoot. There is nothing more beautiful than birth!  So, why should dogs miss out on the fun? Chanel the dog had her very own photo shoot, and it is absolutely adorable!

Chanel’s owner, Kennedy Sorenson, decided it would be a great experience to document the experience of pregnancy and birth for Chanel. As this golden retriever was getting very close to giving birth, Sorenson scheduled a photo shoot that even included the father – LeeRoy. LeeRoy’s owner was the photographer for the session, and her photos have gone viral (for a good reason!). On Twitter, the images have gotten well over 37,000 likes and 22,000 retweets.

Check out the pictures and the Twitter post!

Image Credit: Rients Photography
Image Credit: Rients Photography
Image Credit: Rients Photography
Image Credit: Rients Photography

(h/t Huffington Post and Bored Panda)

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