Woman Sees ‘Free Kittens’ Sign On The Road, Stops Her Car And Rushes To Their Rescue

“When I passed the sign, I slammed on the brakes and hit reverse…”

On a country road somewhere between Connecticut and Washington DC, Hannah Shaw spotted a sign on the side of the road.

“When I passed the sign, I slammed on the brakes and hit reverse,” Hannah told Love Meow

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

‘Free Kittens’

As a Kitten Rescuer, she is all too familiar with signs like this one – “FREE KITTENS.”

Hannah followed the sign until she reached a home. She parked the car, got it, and knocked on the front door.

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

“The woman explains that they have a couple of pet cats and they haven’t been able to afford to get them sterilized,” Hannah said.

Hannah jumped in and offered for her rescue group, Orphan Kitten Club, to spay and neuter the couple’s cats to ensure that no more breeding took place. The woman was shocked and incredibly grateful for this kind gesture.

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

“The couple clearly cared about the cats, but they were in over their heads,” Hannah elaborates. “It’s usually a lack of education or a lack of resources or both… You solve those issues by providing education and resources. Now the couple is going to be able to sterilize their cats, they are going to end the cycle of reproduction, and they can throw away that ‘Free Kittens’ sign.

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Hannah goes on to explain why signs like this can be so detrimental, “When it comes to ‘Free Kittens’, the problem isn’t that there’s no money being exchanged, the problem is that there’s no protocol in place for their adoption. If someone’s giving away free kittens who haven’t seen a vet, they’re not preparing them for success.”

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Saved and Ready for Forever Homes

Thankfully, these kitties went to the right foster home that day. Hannah scooped them up and brought them home. At just 1.7-1.8 pounds, she named the little babies PeeWee, Marge, and Dottie.

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Hannah explains the source of the names, “The boy, Pee Wee is the tiniest and friendliest. Large Marge is the biggest and, while skeptical, has decided that she does like belly rubs. Dottie has a white dot on the back of her head.”

Source: Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Three weeks later, the kittens were off to their forever homes. PeeWee and Dottie were homed together and Marge went to a home where she met her new cat sister!


You can follow all the amazing characters of this happy-ending on social media!

PeeWee and Dottie aka The Silver Siblings look like their having a grand old time on their Instagram. Staup up to date with Marge and her new feline sister and BFF Sophie on Instagram. And finally, to support Hannah and her amazing work with kitten rescue, follow along on her Instagram!

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