This Cat Is So Majestic She’s Named After A Famous Disney Character

The Blue Bicolor Ragdoll cat is known as being ruler of the house, and Aurora certainly has fulfilled that role.

She is confident in her beauty, and she is not afraid to be in charge! Aurora’s favorite hobbies include eating and sleeping, just as any cat, but also…she loves being spoiled! She lives a life of royalty for sure!

While discussing Aurora’s unbelievable beauty may seem snobbish, it is simply not the case. Aurora’s owners love her for her wits as well as her beauty. Aurora is as kind and loving as a dog – which is a big statement to make for any cat.

What are the odds of such endless beauty, and such stunning personality?

Aurora is truly the greatest kitty of all! Take a look at her breathtaking photos:

(All images credit to: Aurorapurr Instagram)

Check out more photos on her Aurorapurr Instagram!

(h/t BoredPanda)

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