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When This Homeless Man Meets a Stray Cat, Their Lives Change Forever and It’s AMAZING!

James, a struggling musician from England, was homeless in the streets searching for hope and trying to make ends meet.

Bob the cat was a stray looking for a warm place to sleep and some food. 2016-01-14 10-23-52

When the two met, it was instant friendship. They formed a bond that would change their lives forever. Suddenly people started paying attention to James because of this cute cat named “Bob The Street Cat.” 2016-01-14 10-23-39

And so James decided to write a book about his friendship with Bob and “A Street Cat Named Bob became an international hit – landing on the bestseller list in England for 52 consecutive weeks and selling in 26 countries around the world. 2016-01-14 10-23-20

What an amazing story and transformation. Just look at where these two are now!


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