10 Powerful Lessons From The Cat Who Mastered The Art Of Zen

Cats are mysterious creatures. They teach us what it means to be independent, remind us when it’s time to get up in the morning (even though we’ve set our alarm to do that) and occasionally protect us from critter infestations.

But this cat has life lessons to teach us. He’s the coolest and most Zen cat you’ll ever meet. So if your day is ever stressful (and who’s isn’t?) then just close your eyes and balance some vegetables on your head or smile radiantly while focusing on your breath.

This is the Cat who mastered the art of zen and it’s so darn cute!

1. “I’m perfectly relaxed, even though I have a giant eggplant on my head”

2. “I love the smell of the Earth…”

3. “Yes, the Earth is an excellent back scratcher”

4. “Like in life, one must forage through the snow to find meaning…oh wait a frozen frog…yumm!”

5. “I am so blissfully happy, what a beautiful flower”

6. “I am thankful for my carrots, so lovely and delicious”

7. “What beautiful smell you have tiny flower”

8. “I must focus on my breath to balance these peppers”

9. “Yes, I have a large carrot on my head, but I do not care”

10. “I am happy outside or inside. Because I am happy inside me”

Source: Imgur

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