Boyfriend Makes New Kitten the Cutest Pancakes While His Girlfriend Is Out of Town

Kenzie Jones needed to head out of town. While she was gone, she needed her boyfriend to look after their newly adopted cat, Mr. Wilson.

Kenzie was nervous about leaving Mr. Wilson, as she was scared her boyfriend might forget to feed him.

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

To her surprise, her boyfriend ended up making pancakes for himself…and the kitten!

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

The boyfriend, Chase Stout, made little tiny pancakes for the kitten by using very small drops of batter.

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

In order to joke with Kenzie to tell her what he was up to, Chase sent a hilarious message:

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

Mr. Wilson surely loves his new family. He even has a dog friend, Huey.

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

Huey can hardly believe how famous Mr. Wilson has become…

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

But he is so proud! What’s better than being famous because of pancakes?

Image Credit: @ChaserStout

(h/t Buzzfeed and Bored Panda)

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