Abused Lion Nearly Loses Life, But Love Changes It All

Two breathtaking lions, Kahn and Sheila, lived their early lives as a source of entertainment.

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The owner rented Kahn and Sheila for parties and photo shoots, and in the process, the owner failed to properly care for these lions.  Kahn, six years old, was malnourished with a tail partially chewed off, and could barely walk.  Sheila, only fifteen months old, was so malnourished and weak that she was likely to die.

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Fortunately for the lions, In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center, located in Texas, saved Kahn and Sheila, and worked tirelessly to bring the lions back to a positive state of health.

In-Sync founder went so far as to hand-feed Sheila, for two weeks, in order to help regain the lion’s strength.

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At the blink of an eye the two lions became a couple, steadily allowed to “date” under close supervision.

Once back in good health, Sheila and Kahn were placed in the same enclosure, and fell totally in love in an instant.

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Sheila had to be spayed but…

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As time went on, the two lions were able to live in the same enclosure forever onward.

In-Sync let the two lions “get married”, and enjoy their adoration.  Kahn and Sheila are madly in love for all to see!

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Wondering about the first owner? Was he reprimanded for his crimes?

Yes!  The first owner had his license annulled, and can no longer own any exotic animals.

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(h/t: boredpanda.com) More information on the lions (and more photo galleries!): http://www.insyncexotics.org/


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