Man Finds Some Unexpected Wildlife in the Living Room of His Lakeside Home

James heard some quacking by his coffee table…

James Prettyman lives in Washington near John Sam Lake.

James told The Dodo that one day, “I was sitting there, doing all my bills, with all these file folders laid out, working on my computer, and all of a sudden I hear this ‘quack quack.'”

Source: James Prettyman

James glanced beyond his coffee table to the source of the noise. Sure enough, his ears did not deceive him; there stood a family of ducks.

James got up and began to record his attempt to corral the ducks out of his home through the front door in which they came in.

Making Their Way Home

The ducks were not having it. In James’ video, you can see that the mother duck begins to turn the wrong way. James responds with a “No, no,” and the mother duck obliges. She turns the other way, waddling down the hallway, through the kitchen, and into the dining room. Meanwhile, her seven baby ducklings eagerly follow her, quacking the whole time.

Source: James Prettyman

From the dining room, the ducks spot the open sliding glass door, so they decide to head to the sunny backyard. They hop down into the grass and make their way to the edge of James’ property where you can see the lake in the distance. When they reach the fence, the duckling easily pop through a hole, but mama duck has a hard time finding a way through. In the video, you can hear her moment of panic while trying to figure out how to get through the fence to her babies.

Source: James Prettyman

James opens the fence for her and says, “Here you go, buddy. Here you go.” The mom duck slowly approaches the now open fence and makes her way through. Once on the other side, her babies speedily reunite with her. And off the family goes!

It’s pretty impressive that James was able to catch this spectacle in action. Be sure to pass along!

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