The 10 Most Cute And Fluffy Animals In The World (with PICTURES!)

Here are 10 of the fluffiest animals the internet has ever known, from chickens to little puppies, open your heart to cuteness overload!

There’s something special about fluffy animals – they make you feel all warm and cozy inside…

Some animals need these fluffy coats to survive cold temperatures in their native habitats. Others simply love showing off!

1. The fluffiest silkie chickens you’ll ever see!


Image and Credit: Huffington Post

Image and Credit: Huffington Post

Image and Credit: Huffington Post

This breed of chicken is said to have a coat that feels like silk and can appear in numerous colors. They are well known for their gentle, calm attitudes.

They are the most docile of poultry and some consider them as pets. This has to be the most adorable chicken ever!

2. Adorable baby fluffy harp seal

Image and Credit: Rebloggy

This little guy is a harp seal. Even at an early age, these seals spend most of their time swimming in the North Atlantic ocean and are rarely seen sitting idle on land.

They are known for their ability to cruise through freezing waters and feed on fish and other ocean life. They can also hold their breath for up to 15 minutes!

3. Baby Arctic Fox

Image and Credit: Flickr

There are many species of Fox, but this little furry guy is an Arctic Fox. They are usually found near the Arctic Circle and have thick, fluffy fur to keep them warm when winter temperatures can be as low as negative 94 degrees Fahrenheit!

They have shorts legs and snouts, which allows them to retain heat like you wouldn’t believe…amazing creatures!

4. Baby King Penguin

Image and Credit: Hemmings Photo Tours

The baby king penguin is one of the most adorable, fluffy, animals you’ll ever see. These penguins are found all over the world including Antarctica. They love swimming and hunting food in freezing waters. Their favorite food includes small fish, squid and krill.

When searching for food, they repeatedly dive to depths of over 330 feet! They’ve even been recorded at depths of 980 feet. When this little guy grows up, he’ll weigh almost 40 lbs!

But aren’t they cute when they are babies??

5. Angora Rabbit – little cotton ball rabbits!

Image and Credit: Imgur

Image and Credit: Imgur

Angora Rabbits are quite possibly the closet animal to resemble cotton balls. Look how adorable and fluffy they are!

The Angora is a domestic rabbit bred for it’s long, soft hair and is one of the oldest of its kind. You can find them in Turkey and has become a common household pet in recent years.

In the past, Turks used them for wool and were popular as pets dating as fart back as the mid-18th century – popular among French Royalty.

6. Baby Teacup Pomeranian – Cute and Fluffy

Image and Credit: Imgur

Teacup Pomeranian’s are so darn cute and FLUFFY!

But where do these little bundles of cuteness come from? Well, they are a member of the smallest family of Spitz dogs, which include Alaksan Malamute and even Norwegian Elkhound.

The name Pomeranian, comes from the province of Pomerania which is in Germany. The first Pomeranians ever shown to the public was when Queen Victoria allowed some of her Pom’s to be shown during a show.

They are known to be cute, furry and a bit feisty at times. But they are intelligent and loyal companions. While they are cute and fluffy, they are highly intelligent and loyal to their family.

And their coat isn’t the only thing that is unique. Their dark noses and tail can draw quite a look too!

7. Bichon Puppy

Image and Credit: Pinterest

The red glasses with his white coat make this photo amazing!

This is a Bichon Frise dog breed (pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say; the plural is Bichons Frises). A small dog breed with a ton of love to give. They are cheerful and utterly adorable. They have a fluffy white coat and beautiful black eyes and nose.

While they can be mistaken for white Poodle, they are certainly their own breed. These dogs originated off the African coast on an island near Madagascar.

8. Baby Albatross

Image and Credit: Imgur

It’s tiny, white and fluffy. Meet the Albatross. A large breed of seabirds found in the North Pacific and other areas. While this little guy might not look big right now, these birds are among some of the largest on the planet.

The Great Albatross can reach wingspans of up to 12 feet, with is the largest among all existent birds today.

But aren’t they adorable at this age?

9. Alpaca

Image and Credit: Imgur

Image and Credit: Imgur

These are some of the fluffiest creatures on the planet. While they resemble a small llama, they are actually not at all similar.

You can find them grazing in the Andes m,mountains in southern Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile at altitudes of over 13,000 ft. They have coats to protect them from the cold and sunlight exposure.

Some of the primary differences between Alpacas and Llamas include shorter ears, they weigh less and they are very much herd animals while Llamas are a bit more independent.

10. The Himalayan Persian Cat

Image and Credit: Pinterest

Image and Credit: Pinterest

One of the fluffiest cats on the planet!

Himmie for short, The Himalayan Persian Cat has an amazing coat that comes in all sorts of colors. While this breed is man-made from the 1950’s, you can’t help but adore their beautiful appearance, curiosity, and occasional laziness!

They can be fairly large cats and their coats need to be brushed daily to keep them looking marvelous!

So what’s your favorite fluffy animal? Leave a comment below! Don’t see it listed? We’ll gladly add it, just comment!

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