9 DIY Cat Scratcher Ideas Your Cat Will Love (#6 is just AWESOME!)

Rather than dealing with scratch marks on the couch or pulls in the curtains, consider making a DIY cat scratcher that allows your kitties to scratch away without causing any damage to your home!

After you finish reading this, you’ll be ready to make your cat happy and your furniture too! Plus you’ll stay within a budget that fits your home style!

We put this DIY cat scratcher guide together for you and your cat to discover new ideas that will make you both very happy!

Let’s get started!

#1 A Unique and Colorful Idea: Trendy DIY Color Blocked Cat Scratcher

Image and Credit: ABeautifulMess.com

Want a place for cats to scratch that isn’t an eyesore? This DIY cat scratching post has a multi-colored design that fits perfectly in your home. The scratcher accomplishes what store-bought versions can, but in a more visually pleasing way! Find out how to put this together here.

#2 Perfect Use for Extra Cardboard “Catscraper”: DIY Cat Scratching Post

Image and Credit: Maisonkuotidien.com

Have extra boxes hanging around? This DIY cardboard cat scratcher allows you to put that to use while making an awesome scratching post! You can turn this into a personal masterpiece. Check out steps to make one here.

#3 Keeps Up With Your Stylish Home: DIY Vase Scratching Post

Image and Credit: Meowlifestyle.com

If you are looking to keep a scratching post as under the radar as possible, this is the perfect option for you. Instead of an obvious and plain wooden post, this uses a ceramic vase. This looks like simple decor, but is really a secret scratching post! To learn how to add this stylish idea to your place, head here!

#4 Perfect for Your Playful Cat: DIY Cat Scratching Post

Image and Credit: Santiagodiy.wordpress.com

Does your cat need a little more than just a place to scratch? This DIY cat scratching post adds a playful feathery flare and allows you to use exciting colors to really make things pop! Everything you need to know to make this is available here.

#5 Self-Brushing to Manage Shedding: DIY Self-Petting Station for Cats

Image and Credit: Instructables.com

Is your cat shedding faster than you can brush? This self-brushing scratcher is perfect for you and your cat! This is a DIY cat scratcher made with upcycled materials, allowing you to keep a tight budget and still accomplish your goals. Everything you need to know about this project is here!

#6 Make A Tire Into A Scratch-able Ottoman: DIY Tire Cat Scratcher

Image and Credit: HandiMania.com

Trying to find an inexpensive yet stylish way to make a scratching post? If you have a spare tire hanging around, you can put it to use as a scratching post ottoman! This casual design allows you to have a piece of furniture for your cat that fits with the rest of your interior design. Steps to create this can be found here.

#7 The Perfect Solution for Climbers My Design’s Dreamy: Patricia’s Climbing Pole

Image and Credit:  Apartmenttherapy.com

Does your cat enjoying climbing? Maybe your cat has used your curtains to let you know a few times? With this climbing pole, you can have a scratching post AND a place to climb all in one—in your home! Get the scoop on this awesome idea here.

#8 A Simple Yet Sleek Design: DIY Sleek and Modern Cat Scratcher

Image and Credit: Homeedit.com

If you are looking to keep things simple, yet effective, this DIY cat scratching post is the perfect fit. The simplicity of the design allows the scratching post to be subtle, and also does not require many materials to create! Go here to get started on this.

#9 Inexpensive, Effective, and Self-Petting: Self Scratcher for Your Cat

Trying to find a simple way to brush your cat more often? Look no further! This self-scratching design allows your cat to brush at his/her leisure. Very minimal is required, making this a quick and easy fix for any cat owner. Watch the video and make your cat’s day!

Did we find the best ideas for you and your cat? We know the importance of having a place for your cat to scratch, as well as the value of being scratched or brushed.

Making sure everyone is happy should be an inexpensive endeavor that suits your needs and aesthetic desires. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, let us know! We are here to help you find just what you are looking for, and are happy to hear when we have helped.

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