Girl Persuades Father to Adopt a New Cat

Losing a pet is incredibly difficult – and bringing in a new furry family member can be just as hard.

When Danielle Grubisic and her family lost their 19-year-old cat two years ago, it was a tragedy. For Danielle’s younger sister, Peyton, this loss hit especially hard.

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

“My sister had been heartbroken ever since and been begging my dad to get another cat,” Danielle told The Dodo.

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

As Peyton begged, it seemed to make no difference. She decided a new approach was needed.

Tha plan? Guilt!

Instead of focusing on the joy she would feel with a new cat, Peyton opted to highlight the good adopting a shelter cat can be.

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

Peyton created a  “wall of sorrow”. The wall contains notes all working to get her dad’s attention and tug at his emotions.

“She loves animals,” Danielle said. “And she’s a very persuasive little girl!”

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

While Peyton’s dad wasn’t sure if the family was ready for another pet, his daughter’s notes convinced him that may not be the case.

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

“He eventually caved and they rescued a cat from a local shelter,” Danielle said. “The cat was actually one of the oldest residents there, being almost 2 years old.”

And just like that, Mittens, their new cat, had a home of her own!

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

While dad was uncertain at first, Mittens has proven to be a perfect fit for the family.

“She loves our house, and the family loves her!” Danielle said. “It’s definitely a happier environment in the house.”

Dad and Mitten have even grown close.

Image Credit: Danielle Grubisic

“It’s all because of Peyton. She had the persistence for it,” Danielle’s father told The Dodo, saying also:

“Mittens is a sweet cat.”

Source: The Dodo 

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