Hairless Cat Loves Cuddling with Pitbull

A litter of 3-week-old Sphynx kittens were very ill and sent to the ASPCA in New York City. The kittens were suffering from serious upper respiratory infections, causing many kittens to pass away.

Despite the difficult medical issues, Pickle the cat survived against all odds, though was diagnosed with severe corneal ulcers, hypoglycemia and respiratory issues.

Pickle was strong and continues to be amazing. Even according to Pickle’s first veterinarian, Pickle is a special kitten.

“I met her the day that she came in and was her doctor initially,” Dr. Delfino, Pickle’s first veterinarian, explained to The Dodo.

“I knew from the moment I met her that I was going to adopt her.”

Delfino had just lost her cats not long before, and was interested in a Sphynx cat. Running into Pickle was practically meant to be.

While Pickle was growing stronger and healthier, Delfino was a foster parent. Once Pickle was doing well, Delfino adopted her into her new forever home.

At home, Delfino already had a cat, Andy, and a pit bull, Olive. When Pickle came home, Andy and Olive were thrilled to have a new sister.

Right from the start, Pickle and Olive became the best of friends. Olive makes sure that Pickle is always safe (though Pickle thinks she doesn’t need protection!).

“They are always playing together and running around my apartment,” Delfino told the Dodo.

“Pickle doesn’t know how small she is. She is still tiny.”

Pickle and Olive love to cuddle with each other, and it is simple to see the love shared between them.

Now Delfino can’t imagine a life without Pickle in it!

Source: The Dodo

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