Man Hugs Cat After Tragic House Fire

When this 83-year-old man lost his home to a fire, he thought he had nothing left – but the most important thing survived.

The fire occurred on a Thursday. Ali Meşe lived in a village in western Turkey. After trying to light his gas stove inside, something went horribly wrong.

There was a small explosion in the living room, which cause the fire to spread through his single-story, wooden house.

Thanks to neighbors calling emergency services,  Ali Meşe, his wide, and his beautiful cat were rescued. The house, however, collapsed into a heap of wood and metal.

Image Credit: Facebook/NYC Radyo

Meşe can be seen in the image below hugging his cat after the traumatizing event. The two clearly love each other dearly, and never want to let go.

Image Credit: Facebook/NYC Radyo

Ali Meşe was slightly injured in the fire. After his recovery. the tale of his situation spread. The Turkish Red Crescent. a part of the International Red Cross, provided Meşe with gifts as he sat in the hospital.

But the gifts weren’t for  Ali Meşe…

They were for his cat!

Image Credit: Facebook/NYC Radyo

Red Crescent president tweeted, “Let’s keep him and his cat warm,” with a photograph of officials presenting Meşe with a cat bed and cat carrier.

Image Credit: Facebook/NYC Radyo

Very quickly Meşe was reunited with his kitty. Someone brought the cat to the hospital to see Meşe, knowing it was important to him.

Source: The Dodo  


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