Meet Nutmeg – the 31 Year Old Cat

Image Credit: boredpanda

Nutmeg the cat is officially the oldest cat in the world. At age 31, he is still the ruler of the house and looks just as handsome as when he showed up at his human’s doorstep 26 years ago.

Nutmeg just celebrated his 31st birthday, making him 141 in human years!

Image Credit: boredpanda

He is aging yet still absolutely beautiful.

Image Credit: boredpanda

The Finlay family took in Nutmeg in 1990. At the time, he was a stray that wished to be a part of their family.

Image Credit: boredpanda

When the owners found Nutmeg, he was already 5 years old.

Image Credit: boredpanda

The Finlays need to work on finding out his exact birthday information in order to be a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Image Credit: boredpanda

Nutmeg is a little old, but he still is unbelievably lovable.

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The Finlays say he is a spoiled little boy that they cannot help but give in to. Nutmeg asks for breakfast at 5 am each day, and they always get him what he wants!

Image Credit: boredpanda

While last year, Nutmeg suffered through a stroke, he is up and moving again.

Image Credit: boredpanda

Nutmeg sure has many lives, and it seems, much more than nine!

Image Credit: boredpanda

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