Oxford PhD Student Creates Cat Ladder to Overcome Cat Flap Ban

Image Credit: SWNS TV

Tariq Khoyaratty, an Oxford PhD student, lives with his girlfriend in a Grade II building with their cat.

Image Credit: SWNS TV

In the UK, Grade II buildings are historically important, and thus are protected. There are particular regulations that go along with such protection. Making any alterations to the building is pretty much forbidden, leaving Tariq to think of a creative way to let his cat come in and out of the house.

Image Credit: SWNS TV

Alas, the cat ladder was born! Tariq, for less than $30, created a seven meter ladder for his cat. The ladder goes from the bedroom window to the ground outside. The upstairs, bedroom window is left open so that the cat can hop onto the ladder.

Image Credit: SWNS TV

While apprehensive as to whether or not the cat would give it a try, a little coaxing (and a few treats!) had the cat, Nelson, more than happy to use the new ladder. Now, this ladder is Nelson’s main way in and out of the home.

Video Credit: SWNS TV
Image Credit: SWNS TV

The ladder worked for the landlord, made life easier for the owner, and made Nelson one happy, exploring kitty!

Check out this video of Tariq’s ladder creation!

Video Credit: SWNS TV

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