Young Girl Bursts Into Tears When She Must Part With Her Foster Kitten, Then Mom Does Something Totally Unexpected

“I saw her puddle of tears,” Stephanie said. “She has not bonded like that to any of the others.”

Stephanie Pabon works as an animal rescuer. She frequently fosters young kittens, helping them grow into strong, healthy cats. Thankfully, she doesn’t go at it alone; her seven-year-old daughter Bela has been a tremendous help.

A Match Made in Heaven

Recently, Stephanie brought home a litter of three-week-old kittens who had been found outside a local warehouse. They were just little babies and needed tons of love and attentive care. Bela became an expert at bottle-feeding the precious, young kittens.

Source: Stephanie Pabon

Stephanie told The Dodo, “She took the time to correctly learn how to bottle-feed. Bela is so amazing with all the kittens and cats that come through here.”

There was something special about a particular kitten in the group, Helen. Bela and Helen had bonded immediately.

After helping the kittens grow for ten weeks, it was time to release them to Billy the Kidden Rescue, a local, Virginia-based rescue where the Pabons volunteer.

Source: Stephanie Pabon

Although it’s always tough to say goodbye to the loving cats and kittens, this time was especially hard for Bela. She tried to be strong but couldn’t hold back her tears.

“I saw her puddle of tears,” Stephanie said. “She has not bonded like that to any of the others.”

A Foster Fail

Three days after dropping Helen and her littermates off at the rescue, Stephanie noticed that Bela still wasn’t acting like herself.

Stephanie decided that Helen needed to come back to Bela and that meant, adopting her for good. It turns out that Helen was a foster fail. There was no way that Stephanie could let her go to another home; her forever home was with the Pabons.

Source: Stephanie Pabon

Bela and Helen’s reunion was an emotional one.

“The two are reunited and Helen follows her everywhere and cries if she goes out of sight,” Stephanie told The Dodo. “They have a bond that can’t be touched. I think they needed each other.”

Both Bela and Helen benefit from this bond. Helen, of course, found a loving home and companion. Bela experienced the joy of rescuing and raising an animal of her own.

Stephanie adds, “Bela is easily overwhelmed at times. Helen calms her, and Helen needed someone to help her live and grow and make that change from feral to friendly.”

We’re surprised if you’ve read this amazingly touching story without a tissue at hand. Pass along to your loved ones to inspire them to rescue a sweet kitten of their own. Check out Billy the Kidden’s Facebook page here!

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