Stunned Tourists Get Surprise Of A Lifetime When Wild Elephant Charges Their River Boat

“He seemed to be grazing quite peacefully in the fully flooded waters. What could go wrong?”

A family taking a guided boat tour along the Chobe River in Botswana stumbled upon an elephant wading in the river. In a terrifying moment, the elephant charges the boat, leaving the tourists stunned.

Su-an Müller-Marais and her family were visiting Botswana in celebration of her mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. The family decided to take a guided boat tour along the Chobe River, when they came across a magnificent sight: a wild elephant in the river, peacefully grazing on grass.

Source: Kruger Sightings/YouTube

The tour guide shut off the boat as to not disturb the gentle giant. Not wanting to let the moment go by unpreserved, Su-an Müller-Marais took out her phone and begun recording the elephant in the water. “We could hear the elephant plucking, chewing and breathing. We were cautious but in awe of this magnificent animal in front of us,” she told Latest Sightings.

But then, the elephant turned and looked directly at them… and started charging at the boat. Elephants may weight several tons, but they are natural swimmers, much to the families surprise. “Although we were extremely close to the elephant, he seemed to be grazing quite peacefully in the fully flooded waters. What could go wrong?” Su-an Müller-Marais shared with Latest Sightings.

Source: Kruger Sightings/YouTube

The elephant was not pleased with the tourists in his home and he shoved the boat a few times in the direction from where it came. His message was loud and clear: you are too close.

Thankfully, everyone on the boat was free from harm and were only left in shock and awe about what just happened. Su-an Müller-Marais said that the trip left her family with a “renewed respect for animals.”

Elephants are emotional, social, and intelligent beings who deserve to live in peace. If you are considering going on an African safari, please be sure to do your research and ensure that the safari is accredited! Seeing animals up close and personal can be a wonderful experience… as long as the animals aren’t being exploited.

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