11 Simple Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

11+ simple things you can do immediately to improve your cat’s day Indoors while keeping him inside.

Keeping your cat happy indoors can often be a challenge and sometimes no matter how many toys and scratching posts are available, it is not enough to entertain even the most energetic cats.

So, whether you have a low or high-energy cat or even an outdoor cat, here are simple things that are bound to entertain even the toughest of the cat critics!

1. Get Them a Cat Scratch Post

Scratching has many benefits for cats. It cleans up their claws, allows them to stretch their paws, and can even be used to mark their territory. Cats can, and will, scratch almost anything they can get their paws on. Giving them a cat scratch post allows them to fulfill that scratching need while helping to reduce the likelihood of them scratching your furniture and other household items.

2. Give Your Cat Something To Climb

Climbing is instinctual for cats and something that they love to do. It gives them a bird’s eye view of everything in their environment. It allows them to see predators that may be lurking, and even pray to go after. While predators are not something they will be faced with indoors, climbing is still something that cats will do and enjoy. They’ll climb anything they can, but a cat tree is made just for this purpose. It allows them to fulfill their climbing needs but gives an extra level of safety.

3. Open the Curtains For Your Kitty

Cats love to watch the movements of the great outdoors. They are the people watchers of the animal world and this can be done from the back of your couch, a cat-approved table or bed in front of a window, or even a windowsill cleared off for them. As long as they have an unobstructed view of people, cars, and birds passing by, their attention span is likely to increase exponentially by the unpredictability of what is happening outside your window. Do you live in a quiet area with very little people and car traffic? Consider putting a bird feeder outside the window for your cat (and birds) to enjoy. A hummingbird feeder that hangs from your window is also a nice alternative from a traditional bird feeder.

4. Bring The Outdoors Inside

Catnip can make the majority of cats go bananas while rolling around on the carpet but unfortunately for many cats, the excitement can wear off after about 20 minutes of intense catnip loving. The best alternative to give your cat some outdoors inside is to introduce some cat-friendly plants for them to enjoy at their leisure. Grass shoots are especially popular so just ensure that you have it secured in an area that gives them the space to rub, lick, and roll.

5. Toys, Toys, Toys

Cat toys are very important for indoor cats and can have several purposes.

Toys keep your cat entertained, can help satisfy their prey drive, and keep them out of trouble. They have little-stuffed mice, balls, feathers on a stick, and many others. There are even toys that are more interactive. The interactive toys can be containers or puzzles that allow them to chase or paw at things. They even have laser machines that move the laser around a specified area. Having dedicated cat toys can help reduce the chance of them playing with something they shouldn’t. You can experiment with the traditional and interactive toys to find out what your cat enjoys best. Having a variety of toys ensures they don’t get bored.

If your cat does not seem to enjoy toys, chances are that they have not found the right one for them yet. You may think that every cat should love toys filled with catnip because that is what the package says but equally it would not be surprising if your cat snubs their nose at what should be the best aroma in the cat kingdom. Introduce them to a wide variety of toys, from balls to toys with bells or balls with feathers, something is bound to pique their interest and become their favorite toy.

6. A Pretty Cat Is A Happy Cat

Many cats loved to be groomed and not only does it make your cat happy, but it reduces the shedding too. The euphoric and refreshed way you feel after getting a haircut or wash is similar to how some cats react to being brushed. The gentle scratching of the brush bristles will make your cat coming back for more and after feeling refreshed and satisfied, they will lay down and happily finish up the grooming process.

7. Turn On The Television

While it might not be something you want to do daily, a good way to spice up your cat’s day is to treat them to some cat-geared TV time. No different from when dogs hear other dogs barking on the television and start barking themselves, cats will respond to certain things geared towards them. Whether it be a DVD for cats or just turning on the animal channel, your cat will enjoy the great outdoors all from the comfort of your couch. Also, as a tip, set a sleep timer if you want your cat to enjoy this option but without the expense of leaving the television on all day.

8. Give Them A Safe, Clean Place To Eliminate

A secluded and dedicated litter box allows a cat to eliminate in peace. Litter also gives them an environment similar to what they would use outside. For the cat’s health and happiness, it is important to keep the litter box clean. Another advantage of a litter box is that it can prevent them from using other areas of the house to eliminate.

9. Get Cat-Safe Plants

Bringing plants into your home can add beauty and some greenery. Having plants gives cats exposure to things they would encounter if they were outdoors. Plants not only enhance the cat’s environment but also can have air purifying qualities. Unfortunately, there are many plants that are toxic to cats, so it is important that the plants you have are safe. Here is a great article that lists some plants that are safe, as well as some common toxic plants.

10. Give Your Cat Treats

Cat’s frequently have the urge to munch on things in their environment. While it’s likely going to be difficult to prevent this from ever happening, treats can give them something safe to eat. Treats are something that can be used as a reward, or simply as a special treat from time to time.

11. Consider Getting Your Cat A Friend

This option is really going to depend on your cat’s personality. Some enjoy having other cats, or even dogs, around. Other’s may prefer just being by themselves. Having a friend can allow them to have companionship and another animal to play with. However, if your cat seems to enjoy their solitude introducing another animal can be a difficult task.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to ensure your cat is happy and fulfilled indoors. Plus, there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about their safety while outdoors. It’s a win-win for a long, happy life together.

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